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S'mores Martini

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I love fire!!! Little fires, big fires, campfires, dumpster fires, fireflies, et cetera. The Roasted Marshmallow syrup was actually created because I got tired of cleaning up after lighting marshmallows on fire at the bar. Marshmallow goop does not come off in the dishwasher, worse than lipstick on wine glasses as the bane of my daily bar cleaning duties.

The S’mores Martini was born out of necessity, I’d come back from a camping trip, and after a week, the smell of the campfire finally left my clothing :( I never realized how much I needed a scent so badly in my life. I wasn’t going to go pick up some candle or randomly set my balcony ablaze, I needed a cocktail solution! And a quick easy one for my regulars who were also missing the campfires. So it was time to smoke some water, set some marshmallows on fire, and bring the great outdoors into a glass. And what better way than with a S’mores cocktail! Don’t worry, this one is easy to make, I’ve done all the hard sticky work already.

In a mixing tin, add all of your cocktail ingredients. No particular order necessary, though I do prefer to measure the Roasted Marshmallow syrup first, then the cream. That way, when you add in the liquors into the jigger, they will pick up and clean the jigger as you go through. Less sticky jigger at the end, and more Mallow in your mug!

Shake! An average shake length, not too vigorous, think of strumming your air guitar by that campfire. Then just strain into your chilled and waiting coupe glass.

Now if you want to kick it up several notches, you’re going to have to prep that glass. Start by knifing or spooning some Nutella around the rim of the glass, then rolling it in some crushed graham crackers. For the final garnish, you can just light a mini marshmallow on fire. It will be a pain to clean by hand, so make sure to lick that rim like you mean it!

What about Vodka?

Vodka is a welcome addition to this cocktail. Try it in place of the bourbon. Or Scrap the other ingredients and just go full Bourbon. If you don't have Creme De Cacao or Frangelico, feel free to play around. This is a very forgiving and giving cocktail mix. Have some fun!

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